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Walkthrough Metal Detectors






The TX-200A is a multi-channel metal detector with six overlapping detection zones. The zones create a sequential sine-wave magnetic field within the detection area of the WTMD (Walk-through Metal Detector).
With overlapping construction, sensitivity differences are minimized when metal objects of different shape pass through the WTMD in various orientations.


(1) Divided into 6 overlapped reticulate detecting areas according to the fundamental structure of people’s body and adopting advanced digital pulse technology and interactive emitting and receiving equipment to accurately locate the metal-wrapping place.
(2) Adopting infrared scanning from double sides in order to promptly catch the induced signal so that to avoid detection lapses which caused by induction lag when people are crossing, and also to calculate the number of people walking through by itself.
(3) Each detecting area bears 100 sensitivity adjusting programs of stages in which specific parameters such as the place, the volume, the weight and the size of metal objects could be set according to the actual application situation. Without considering the influence of buckle, key, jewelry, and coin etc., it could detect the knife and handgun, and the highest sensitivity is able to check out a metal as large as a clip. 



(4) Utilizing the highlight LED displaying panel to show the number of people crossing, the times of bell ringing, the area of alarming and the strength of alarming.
(5) According to the disturbing degree of the installation environment. Introducing the most advanced magnetoelectricity-compatible technology in the current world to generate quite a strong capability of anti-disturbance of electromagnetism through the digital filtering of 100 stages DSP.
(6) Establishing the working signal frequency by itself and fixing detecting doors using parallel nets with each going well and not affecting another.
(7) Being able to connect with the computer through the pre-laid communication interface, and testing and controlling the detecting result of itself.
(8) Possessing lots of sound and light alarming methods, which convenient for identification.
(9) Having code protecting programs in order that the user can alter the code, enhancing the security.
(10) It does no actual harm to those heart-pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, soft discs and video tapes etc.
(11) Employing the entire international security standard according with the current utilizing environment. 



(1) Main Control   
(2) Top Cover   
(3) AL Strip   
(4) Panels   
(5) IR
(6) Stabilizer Base   
(7) Outlets 




(1) Power Supply: 110V or 220V  60/50Hz
(2) Actual Power Dissipation: < 35VA
(3) Signal Frequency: 6KHz~9Khz adjustable
(4) Ambient Temperature: -20℃~45℃
(5) Relative Humidity: < 100% no condensation



A、Conformity with active National Standard GB15210-94
B、Device refer to safty standard EN60950, conform with standard GB2423
C、Radiation refer to standard EN50081-1, conform with standard GB6833
D、Anti-jamming refer to EN50082-1, conform with standard GB6833
E、Electrical apparatus insulation and dielectric strength conform with standard GB10408

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