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Under Vehicle Monitor System




Product Specifications: 


· 33 / 28 centimeters high intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror, 

· convex shaped 2 fold amplification effects 

· 1/2 weight of the mirror glass which is of the same size

· With certain toughness, not easy to be broken, 

· Safe, durable, light and glass the same mirror.

· Ebonite materials surround the bottom of the mirror, can effectively prevent the collision cause damage to the mirror. 

· Detectable minimum height: 10CM 


· T-type retractable rod, 

· Turning 170 degrees around the joints designed to maximize the depth to the detection of vehicles and goods,

· Two-ball shrapnel, 

· plastic ring double insurance positioning, 

· Use of high-quality aluminum structure and multiple high-intensity processing, light, firm, and beautiful. 

· Surface dust-free workshop grilled outdoor paint treatment, long-term use of non-bleaching, non-smell, harmless to the human body. 

· Cotton with a black foam grip, grip feeling good, fit a long time operation. 

Light source:

· Fluorescent lamp, as well as an optional LED light source. 

· Fluorescent light source with a natural, soft characteristics, LED lights have long life, 

· High brightness waterproof, removable to serve as work lights and so on. 

· Customers can use the characteristics according to their own selection of suitable light source. 

· Fluorescent models are adapted to wet and rainy conditions

Power Supply: 

· Internal Lithium-electric charge, 1-2 hours for 5-6 hours operation. 

· Economic, convenient and practical. 

· With the packaging with standard power adapter. 


· Folded rod, fixed after a good one person can be put away. 

· Can be equipped with easy to carry bag, can be dismantled when not in use and collection. 

Materials are in line with the overall process Rhos standards, suitable export to other countries. 


· The model designed for a long time check the bottom of the vehicle design, table, chair, the underside of vehicles and other
necessary objects leaned English: fixed objects such as temporary in English can be used under the U.S. portable ML subsection.
MW for the surprise choice of a search operation. 

· Cabinets, ceilings as well as other necessary climbing search objects can be removed using the MW or the ML at the end of round to be checked.
According to the actual situation in English, if the light situation, coupled with the torch is equipped with supplementary light source on the target object in
order to avoid omission English 

Packing list: 

· Convex 

· Can spin the ball 

· Washers 

· mobile round 

· Flashlight

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