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LiquidScanner -Model: TX-2000II
★ Identify chemical composition of liquids, which is sealed in bottle or can.
★ Control access security of airport, train station, subway, gymnasium, important government office, boarder, and seaport and so on.
★ No radiation, harmless to people and test sample - Ultra-wideband pulse microwave reflection method & the thermal conductivity technology


Technical specification

Limited material of bottle / can
Iron, aluminum, plastic, glass, porcelain, china, pottery.
Identify dangerous liquid
More than 30 sorts: Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil , hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid , nitric acid , sodium hydroxide , potassium hydroxide , isopropyl ether , petroleum ether, propionaldehyde, benzene, carbon disulfide, hexane, isopropanol, nitromethane, diethylamine , tris the trihalomethanes , ethylene glycol, xylene and other flammable, corrosive liquids   
Effective scan distance
Metal container: 30mm from bottom
Other container: 60mm from bottom
Alarm for dangerous liquid
Red LED alarm light & long beep
Single for safe liquid
Green LED light & short beep
Power on time
2 seconds
Identify time
Metal container: within 8 seconds
Other container: within 1 second
Out size
460*365*245mm (L*W*H)
Temperature of container 
Storage temperature / humidity
-40 to 60 / 5% to 95% humidity
Working temperature / humidity
15 to 35 / 5% to 95% humidity
Power Voltage/ frequency
Power consumption


Certification: Test Report from Inspection Center of State Security
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