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TIAN XUN Bomb Basket can prevent the horizontal diffusion of shock waves and debris, after bomb blasting. In this way, this bomb dustbin protects surrounding people, valuable instrument, antique, and so on.
    Can bear 1.5kg TNT or equal
    Four casters fixed at the bottom- Convenient to move.
    With inside net to fix the explosive article
Technical specification
Material: Carbon steel (High-strength, impact-resistant, compliant to standard GB700-1988)
Outside diameter: 660mm
Inside diameter: 630mm
Depth: 654mm

Inside Net to set bomb

Height: 747mm


Bottom thick: 15mm
Cylindrical side thick: 10mm
Ability: Can bear max 1.5kg TNT or equal
(After blaster, outside of the basket is complete, no crack)
Net Weight: 270kgs
Application attentions:
Product life: Can only bear blaster once.
Make sure at last 6 meters upon the bomb basket is clear- nothing exists.
No building bearing beam, no chandelierhts or any other friable articles up the bomb basket.
All people should be at least 4 meters away.
Cover your ears, if you are close to this bomb dustbin.
National Standard:GA871-2010
Application: Police, army, court yard, airport, train station, sea port, subway, shopping mall, and all crowded important location.



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