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Ground Metal Detectors

MD-6250 Gold Detector




1. POWER Pushbutton (press and hold to reset to factory recommended settings)—Press and release to switch the unit ON and resume hunting with the same settings and modifications used prior to turning the unit OFF. When the POWER pushbutton is pressed and held for 5 to 10 seconds (until the detector beeps), the MD-6250 will return to the factory recommended settings of each MODE.

2. Upper Scale—The Upper Scale, where the Target ID cursor is illuminated when hunting, consists of twelve (12) graphical segments for more precise Target ID and discrimination.

3. Coin Depth—Coin Depth is expanded to four (4) depth indicators including 2",4" and 8+ inches.

4. Sensitivity—The MD-6250 has eight (8) Sensitivity settings for more precise depth and target detection.

5. Battery Condition Indicator—An LCD display is continuously illuminated to indicate the battery level.


 Product Specification

1. Power: 4 x 1.5V AA

2. Frequency: 7.09 KHz

3. Current: Standby: 50mA, Max: 270mA

4. Voltage: 6V

5. Operating Temperature:

6. Sensitivity: US 25/50 Cent: 220mm

7. Indication Mode: LCD Mode+Sound Mode

8. Stretch Length: 42.5-51.2 inches

9. Detector Diameter:

10. Color: Yellow/Green      

11. Weight: 1.2kg

12. Size:

13. Package Weight: 1.75kg

14. Package Size: 21.7(L) × 11(W) × 5.1(H) inches

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