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Ground Metal Detectors

MD-3005II Ground Search Metal Detector



 Product Feature

1. Earphone Jack-lets you connect earphones (not supplied) to the detector in private.

2. View meter and Pointer-shows the probable type of metal being detected and lets you know when it is time to replace the batteries.

3. Waterproof Search Coil-lets you use the detector’s search coil even if you must put it under water.

4. Adjustable Stem-lets you adjust the detector’s length for comfortable use.

5. Pinpointing a Target



Product Specification

1. Power: 9V (6F22)

2. Frequency: 20 KHz

3. Current: Standby: 10mA Max: 20mA

4. Voltage: 7.2V-9.6V

5. Operating Temperature:

6. Sensitivity: US 5 Cent: 50mm

                US 25 Cent: 50mm

7. Indication Mode: Sound Mode+ Mechanical Indicator Mode

8. Stretch Length: 33.9-44.9 inches

9. Detector Diameter: 7.9 inches

10. Color: Black 

11. Weight: 0.8kg

12. Size:

13. Package Weight: 2.2kg

14. Package Size: 28.3(L) × 9(W) × 5.9(H) inches

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