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Ground Metal Detectors

MD-3020II Ground Metal Detector



 This MD-3020II Underground Metal Detector is a kind of easy using metal detector. This metal detector is suitable for adults and children over 14 years old to use when doing some outdoor adventure. Its LCD indicator mode can let the users distinguish the type of the detected metal directly. With your metal detector, you can hunt for coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and silver just about anywhere. The detector is versatile and easy to use.



Outdoor hobby Metal Detection



Product Feature

1. LCD Display - shows the probable type of metal with an arrow, the depth of the target, DISC/NOTCH range, the level of SENS with segment, the operating mode, and low battery indication.

2. Three Tone Audio Discrimination - sounds distinctive tones for different types of metal.

3. Notch - ignores junk metal and finds valuable items by setting the disc and notch range.

4. Super Slow Sweep Identification - with a very slow sweep of the search coil to discriminate different types of metal.

5. Headphone Jack - lets you connect headphones (not supplied) and operate without trouble.

6. Waterproof Search coil - lets you use the detector even if you must put it under water.


Product Specification

1. Power: 2 x 9V (6F22)

2. Frequency: 5.88 KHz

3. Current: Standby: 20mA,Max: 55mA

4. Voltage: 18V

5. Operating Temperature:

6. Sensitivity: Magnet ring: 50mm in Range 1

                US 25 Cent/ One Hong kong Coin: 50mm in Range 2

                US 25 Cent/ One Hong kong Coin: 50mm in Range 3

7. Indication Mode: LCD Mode

                    Sound Mode

8. Stretch Length: 40.2-49.6 inches

9. Detector Diameter: 7.9 inches

10. Color: Black      

11. Weight:

12. Size:

13. Package Weight: 2.5kg

14. Package Size: 28.3(L) × 9.1(W) × 5.9(H) inches

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