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Service Commitment


The day patrol electronic quality of service from the deep understanding of user needs.
Professional technicians
We have a skilled and experienced work norms, to protect competent technical service team. Rigorous style of our technical staff, technical skills, and a strong sense of service, all by manufacturers of specialized training and rigorous assessment.

Service network covering the whole country
Five customer service centers, nine special maintenance stations, service network throughout the country.

Manufacturers protection
As a domestic manufacturer, days Patrol the electronic strong support:
The experts tour and on-the-job training
Perfect mechanism for the exchange of technical training
Plenty of spare parts and consumables supply
Information, information sharing

Complete infrastructure
Adequate supply of the country to set up five spare parts and consumables central repository to protect the spare parts consumables


Technical advice and overall solutions
To provide customers with professional technical advice, program design, system deployment services overall solution:
Optimization technology solutions within budget
Ability to ensure that the program's reliability and scalability to maximize savings for the user cost of technology


Provide telephone, Internet, and door-to-door service, three rapid response to the way
24x7-hour service hotline
Sent to the user via SMS platform, occasional services / training information, maintenance instructions and other information


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